Jordi Soriano Fradera
. Head of the lab.
  Most recent CV


- Sara Teller Amado
  Experiments in clustered neuronal cultures.

- Elisenda Tibau Martorell
  Non-linear approaches to characterize activity and connectivity in neuronal cultures.

- Lluís Hernández Navarro
  Resilience of spontaneous activty to electrical stimulation and chemical action.

Final project STUDENTS:

- Albert Trias (University of Barcelona)
  Functional Connectivity Assessment in Neuronal Cultures through Transfer Entropy.  

- Ana Alonso Castillo (University of Barcelona)
  Functional Connectivity in Clustered Neuronal Cultures.


Supervised Master theses:

- Aleix Pagés Puertas
  Comparison of the dynamics between homogeneous and clustered neuronal cultures with dictated connectivity.
  (Master in Advanced Physics, 2013-14)
- Lluís Hernández Navarro
  Electrical Stimulation of Neuronal Cultures, and a Fractal Study of the Peripheral Nervous System.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2012-13)
- Tomeu Coll Mulet
  Use of Advanced Photonics Tecnhiques to Perturb Activity in Neuronal Cultures.
  (Master in Biomedical Engineering, 2011-12)
- Fernando Carreño Escobar
  Morphological And Electrophysiological Changes Induced By Electrical Stimulation In Neuronal Cultures.
  (Master in Neurosciences, 2011-12)
- Miguel Beneyto Checa
  Propagation of Activity Fronts in Two-dimensional Cultures.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2011-12)
- Christopher Bendiksen
  Novel Methods for Physical Restriction of Neuronal Growth.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2011-12)
- Bojana Kokinovic
  Influence of Cux transcription factor in cortical neurons.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2011-12)
- Daniel Malagarriga Guasch
  DC Electrical Stimulation on in vitro Neuronal Networks: Experiments and Model.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2010-11)
- Patricia Martínez Barrios
  Applying GFP to characterize connectivity in living neuronal networks Applying GFP to characterize connectivity in living neuronal networks .
  (Master in Neurosciences, 2009-10)
- Xavier Clotet Fons
  Neuronal Cultures in a Flow Chamber.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2009-10)
- Sara Teller Amado
  Dynamics of clustered cortical networks 'in vitro'.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2009-10)
- Alberto Eljarrat Ascunce
  Micro-Computed Tomography for the Development of Hyper-realistic Invertebrated Models.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2009-10)
- Núria Amigó Grau
  Propagating pulses of activity in patterned neuronal networks.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2009-10)
- Marie R. Popiel Jacobsen
  Experiments on patterned neuronal networks.
  (Master in Biophysics, 2008-09)

Supervised Final projects:

- Noelia Iranzo
  (Physics Degree, University of Barcelona).
  Winter Semester 2014. 
  Reconstruction of spike trains from calcium imaging recordings.